10 Things Desperate Nigerian Lady Do To Get A Husband

In this part of the world, people expect you to be married at a certain age and when you’re not, they begin to mount pressure on you. Family, friends and society will so mount pressure on you, making you feel like your life is incomplete without a man by your side. Society says you are incomplete if you’re not married and you sometimes wonder if getting married is the highest achievement a woman can get. In a desperate bid to please family and fit into society, a lot of desperate ladies would do anything just to answer Mrs. somebody, whether good or bad. Here are some things Nigerian women do to get a husband.

1. Becoming a worker in church: When some ladies have searched and can’t find a man to marry, they become committed members in church, with the hope that one of the brothers will notice them. Most of the time, they join the choir or ushering department where they will be easily spotted by the brothers in church.

2. Attending every programme for singles: Where can you best find a life partner than among other single people? Some ladies, once they hear there is a programme for singles anywhere, they must make sure they attend. Who knows, they might just find their future husband there. READ ALSO: 5 things women do to lure men into marriage

3. Taking his photo or other personal belongings to prayer house: Some ladies take the personal belongings of their partners to prayer houses, powerful prophets and prophetesses. It could be his photograph, hair, underwear or even sperm, depending on what the prophetess asks for. The prayers will make him take you to the altar in a twinkle of the eye.

4. Going for deliverance: Some ladies have been deceived into believing they have a spirit husband who is preventing them from getting married. They would jump from one deliverance pastor to the other seeking a solution to bind and cast their spirit husband.

5. Fasting and prayer: Some ladies will almost kill themselves with dry fasting just to get a husband. Sometimes, the prayers are not to God but to other deities whom they believe will help them secure a good husband.

6. Charm or love potion in his food: Trust ladies to take their possession by force. We’ve heard tales of ladies who go to native doctors or herbalist to get charms that would make a man do their bidding. Some opt for a good love potion to put in his food. The purpose of the love potion is to buy over the heart of whomever it is meant for. It’s sort of a remote control for love.

7.  The pregnancy trap: Ladies know how to play their game and would get pregnant deliberately, especially when they know you can’t reject them when they are pregnant. Some ladies even go to the extent of involving your parents, especially the ones that are eager to carry their grandchildren. This however, doesn’t work for everyone but it does for some. It has worked for some and still working.

8. Pretense: Some ladies will pretend to be what they are not. You desire a good girl, they will be good for you. When they are with you, they will pretend to be angels. They will do your bidding, wash your clothes, clean your house, anything you want them to do. When you finally bring marry them, they will show you their true character and it might not be what you bargained for.

9. Proposing to the guy: Like they say, “If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” Instead waiting endlessly, some ladies take up the responsibility of proposing to their men. After all, we are in the 21st century and everything is permissible.

10. Buying over his family: These ladies will attend every of your family functions. They would lavish your parents and siblings with gifts. They are always in your family house cooking and cleaning. At the end of the day, depending on how much influence your parents have on you, you might just be forced to marry her. And when all their efforts fail, they might just settle for the position of second wife ‘steal’ someone else’s husband. Can you blame these women?

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