10 Things A Nigerian Lady Who Likes You Would Say

In Nigeria, there are certain sentences that you would hear from people around that would mean you have the green light and you could go ahead with the plan.

If you want to know whether a Nigerian girl likes you, you will know from the sentences she uses for you and things she says around you. Girls could be coy with the various ways they hint men about their feelings and emotions where they are involved. A Nigerian girl who likes you would be more than nice to you and would use all words of endearment for you. It may be difficult getting to offend her as she would be more than pleased to have you interact with her. Her behavior around you would show how much she likes you as she would do everything to demonstrate this. The following sentences will tell you if a Nigerian girl digs you: 1. Go away jor When you tease a Nigerian girl who about something that is private or serious and she does not want to talk about it, this is most likely to be her response. Ordinarily, she might have sparked for someone else or let all hell loose; but because she fancies you, she would smile and say this while nudging you. She does not want you to leave by the way. That is the trend. READ ALSO: 5 solid promises that a man may never be able to keep 2. All these girls around you…   When a Nigerian girl makes her point by adding this to her sentence, she is totally into you but needs to be reassured about the presence of the other girls and the roles they play in your life. Once she says this one or two times, you should get the hint that she is totally into you. All you have to do is allay her fears by saying the girls are just friends and she would brazen up. 3. Big head When a Nigerian girl calls you this, do not be offended. She is saying this in the fondest way she could. Moreover she likes being around the big head and would do anything to make you fall madly in love with her. She would joke around and deflect her own anger by using this when she is with you. 4. So your girlfriend can come an’kill me abi? When a Nigerian girl says this to you, she definitely has the hots for you. This is her way of asking you if you have a girlfriend or not. Responding to this sentence will let her know how safe she is with you, the number of girls bidding for his attention and what he wants in women generally. 5. You cannot even call somebody When you hear this sentence from a Nigerian girl, she wants you to call her often and be closer to her. She probably expects a certain level of commitment from you and she is not getting it. She would say this jokingly to call your attention to it and would expect you to improve. 6. You just forgot me A  Nigerian girl who likes you would challenge you if you do not give her enough attention. She saying this to you is to make you ask her out or start to see her in a new light. A girl who does not like you would not be bothered about you calling her or not. 7. You are so annoying A Nigerian girl who likes you would probably say this while laughing or smiling foolishly. Trust me, you are not annoying one bit; she loves the drama you cause when you are around her and she wants more of you. 8. Are you okay?   When a Nigerian girl cares about you, she cannot help asking this question. She wants to be sure you are alright because she actually cares about your well-being and safety. You can be sure she would pester you up to the point where you would start to ask yourself if you are really well. READ ALSO: 7 ways of knowing men who are sex starved in public 9. Where have you been?     If you are liked by a Nigerian girl, she would want to know what you have been up to and who you have been with. Hearing this from her would not be strange as she would always want to be involved in your activities and would strive to be a part of your life. 10. You do not kuma miss me   When she likes you, she likes you. There is nothing you can do about her as she would always find a way of forcing her thoughts into your head. She would say this sentence because she wants to know if you think of her and at the same time, she wants to let you know she likes you and miss you in a way.

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