Lux: Fashion And Lifestyle Award 2017

Fashion and lifestyle is a hugely impactful industry changing the way service providers and consumers conduct their daily business. The demand for such services, surges annually therefore it is important to remember those working behind the scenes to ensure that their business stands out in this competitive industry. As such we have created the LUX Fashion & Lifestyle Awards as a celebration of leading firms within this dynamic industry.

Every one of our winners can truly rest assured that their recognition was deserved, as we carefully scrutinised everything from a nominee’s region to their performance over the past 12 months, their commitment to creativity, their methods and even their competition. This is to ensure that only the most deserving names have walked away with one of our prestigious titles.

Winners Announced! Please See Below for the Full List of Winners and Check Out September’s Edition of LUX Magazine for More Information on a Selection of Our Winners!!


Definition of Fashion.

Fashion has different meaning to different people across the world, from east to west every culture and race defines fashion differently.To me fashion it means expression of myself and how i project that expression to the outside world. Growing up in a conservative household it was difficult trying to have your own sense of style as what was bought my parents no matter how hideous and unflattering it might have been was what you had to go parading yourself in, because to them we had to be dressed in an acceptable manner, a manner in which would not give reason for the neighbors to talk about. This meant no self expression was allowed or a case of indifference was permitted.

Moving away from my country of birth a few years before i hit my teen years was the best thing that happened to me with regard to the fashion exposure that i was yet to experience. Being in a country that had its own way of doing things (shall i say a more liberated people) was a new eye opening experience. People were individuals, with their own sense of style own sense of fashion. They dressed up not because they were told to but because they were expressive of who they were.

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