About Us


Focus District is a Fashion Consulting Agency that get you dressed for the world, stand out and make you celebrity of your style. We are friendly spot for style and decor that bring out your uniqueness in trendy fashion style. We also create a platform for YOU and inspired by feedback from our dedicated community. Our exclusive outfits is targeted to YOU, knowing fully you are an icon of exclusive outfits of great style… We deliver with speed at global standard. www.focusdistrict.com.ng. @focusdistrict in social platforms.




  • Lead Generation And Inbound Sales Training: Digital Marketing Strategist. Growth Leader. The buying process for B2C and B2B fashion companies has changed significantly within the last few years and marketers had to find new ways to reach consumers. An effective lead generation strategy became the cornerstone for every long-term marketing strategy. We train on inbound sales focusing on individual buyers and their personal needs, points of pain, frustrations and goals. We train fashion salesperson, to identify and prioritize essential in buyer’s needs before theirs. This strategy is crucial to a healthy, thriving business. Since leads are the lifeblood of most sales teams.
  • Styling for events: The term “fashion” signifies your taste of dressing. Sometimes you have many confusions while making the choices of your attires. Few attires always stay in the trend no matter how many new styles keep on adding in the field of fashion. We take the stress off you and help you combine our outfits and accessories presenting you to the world. We style to bring out the effect of a reflection of you! A sexy and confident that radiates through your daring wardrobe. We dress and bring the best of you through exclusive outfit to standout from crowd for the event.
  • Training and workshop: Do you know what to look for and what questions to ask about fashion and styling? Do you intend to learn the basic process for key elements in fashion? We’ll bring to you a sustainable fashion training and creative workshop for all round of fashion tickling the creative minds. We provide creative accelerator workshops overview of the components, skills you will need, which covers fashion in many aspects including business, finance and timings you will need to consider and then will challenge you to focus your creative ideas in fashion industry.


  • We Couture: We are online store for the latest glamorous signature clothing and accessories. We create exclusive and high dressmaking custom-fitted dresses for ladies.
  • We sew and stitches: We make detailed and clean sewing with the use of fundamental elements, knitting, embroidery, crochet, and needle lace-making, whether by hand or machine.
  • We make signature and bespoke outfits: We present signature of something that gives a compliment to your personality, an eternal style that never fades away easily. We make unique styles consisting of fine detailed finishing, pairs colors, patterns, and textures.
  • We make exclusive outfits both casual and corporate for individuals, private organizations, public sectors, political campaigns, religious gatherings: We deal with exclusive outfits both casual and corporate to individuals, and extend our reach to private organizations, public sectors, political campaigns, religious gatherings. We also leverage on social significance.
  • We provide custom embroidery, screen and digital printing on t-shirts & fashion promotional. promoting brand awareness through customization: We provide excellent embroidery, screen and digital printing. we  pay attention to fine details, mock-ups and print proofs, quality inks and screens, personalized communication, a complete in-house production, flexible turnaround times. We make good badges to meet up with customer’s demand.


  • Corporate outfits: We tailored styles, meet up global standard for your work wardrobe. We deliver the best work pieces you would need, trending corporate attires, dedicated must have pieces you need …
  • Traditional wear: We provide a modern touch to your traditional fashion. We give you stunning, most colourful and unusual traditional dress around the world.
  • Promotional and factory Shirts: All you have to do is to make the request. We think it, we design it, we make it and we execute it. We deal with your shirt be it branded, promotional, customised or for retail we get it done with top quality in a little time. We deliver in a very short time.
  • Fashion accessories: We make it so easy for you. We style you from heads-toe, shoes, wristwatch, armbands, headgear, footwear accessories‎, button, eyewear, bangles, jewelleries, neckwear, gloves. etc.



CONSULTANT: +2348023236277