How To Approach A Lady Anywhere

OK, let’s face it.

When it comes to approaching women, most guys tend to freeze up

They look at the woman that they like, brave themselves to make the initial contact, and then turn to ice completely like the proverbial deer in the headlights.

But who can blame them? Without a doubt, approaching women is definitely one of the hardest things a guy will ever have to do in a lifetime.

(If you’re having bouts of approach anxiety, trust me, you’re not alone.)

And it’s definitely not your fault either.

You see, it’s all rooted in your psychology – and it’s something that every guy is born with.

For one, the mere thought of going up to a girl brings about various fears… such as the fear of (negative) response and the fear of rejection.

After all, you have absolutely no idea whether a girl will actually welcome your approach or shun it completely.

And guess what?

Fortunately, there are ways out there on how to approach a girl that almost always bring about a positive response!

Keep reading to find out what you have to do to get the results that you want every time you approach a girl that you like. Call it the fail-proof Shogun Method way if you must. 😉

How To Approach A Woman – The Shogun Method 2-Step Approach

Naturally, the first thing that you need to do is to find a target.

The good news is that women can be found practically everywhere, be it at school, at work, at the gym, in a club, at a bar, or even on the streets.

Before you approach, get your Fractionation lines ready. (For a simple Fractionation routine which you can use immediately, download the Fractionation Action Checklist.)

Step #1: Prep Her Up For Intrigue Pings / Fractionation

First, make eye contact with her.

One of the biggest reasons why guys get rejected by girls is because they don’t make eye contact with them first.

Why? Well, it’s quite simple: if you don’t make eye contact first, girls may feel vulnerable… because they will feel like you snuck up on them when they weren’t ready for it in any way.

Don’t creep her out!

Now after you made eye contact with her, what’s next?

Pretty simple. After you catch a girl’s attention, show her a slight smile.

Here’s why you do that: this smile will be your way to find out if a girl is interested in you or not and whether she is open to being approached or not.

This is the “come-on bait” which you’ll use to see if she bites. 🙂

If she is open to your approach, she should smile back.

If she keeps a blank look on her face after you smile or if she looks away right away, then she probably doesn’t want to be approached.

(Don’t instantly take it to heart, though. She might just be having a bad day. Move on.)

Learn how to approach women by identifying positive interest signals
Learn how to identify positive interest signals: like steady eye contact, and a smile.

But if she smiles back, then you have to start focusing on your body language.

You see, body language happens to be absolutely vital if you want to effectively approach a girl and succeed.

A lot of guys approach girls with their shoulders slumped and their nerves stuck in their throats.

Unfortunately, girls can quickly sense when guys are nervous and are most likely to reject them if they are.

Nervousness is contagious, and it makes other people uncomfortable. The easiest way to calm your nerves is to stop thinking too much about the approach and just go.

Now you’re all prepped up and you’ve already gotten the foundation work done, it’s time for some serious seduction…

Step #2: Deliver An Intrigue Ping

Intrigue Pings are short stories or lines that you deliver to achieve one thing, and one thing only – to capture her attention so that you can get her to Fractionate.

Watch this short video (hosted by my friend Fredo Hill) on how to craft Intrigue Pings –

Once you have captured her attention using Intrigue Pings, then move on to the final step…

Step #3: Use Fractionation On Her

So you’ve physically approached your target, and she seems to be receptive to you. What do you say then?

The conversation should flow on its own if you have delivered the Intrigue Ping successfully (watch the video above if you’ve skipped it). Then, seal the deal with Fractionation!

Caution – remember to build up sufficient rapport with her before using Fractionation – otherwise you’ll just sound like a creepy weirdo.

Here’s a pro tip: when you use Fractionation, remember to “stack” your conversation topics and give her both emotional ups and downs when you talk to her.

Again, everything regarding how to approach a girl using Fractionation can be found here –


How To Use Fractionation To Approach Women

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Whether things go smoothly while you talk or not, be proud that you were able to approach a girl to begin with. And if you’ve used Fractionation correctly on her, then the chances are beyond good that she will respond positively to you!

For a free “starter” Fractionation routine, click here to download.


Contributed by Krista Beluka –’s resident style coach (

There are other tips on how to approach a girl that you should remember, too, though. You have to get your fashion sense and your overall appearance under control, for instance. This means dressing nice, grooming yourself properly and finding the perfect image for you.

(And as a bonus, if you’re a sharper dresser than her boyfriend if she has got one, then you’ll get a leg up against that creep! For more boyfriend destroyer techniques, click here.)

Some guys may like to suit up every time they go out, while others may prefer the bad boy look.

Then there are guys who look great in preppy outfits and those who look best with goth attire.

If you have no idea what looks good on you, try getting some advice from your female friends and relatives. Or, better yet, test out different kinds of styles yourself and see what you feel most comfortable in.

Either way, your look, fashion sense and overall image will either get more girls to talk to you or scare more of them away.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t get positive results for having a great personality; but if you pay more attention to your looks, you will definitely be more successful in the end.

A lot of guys like to believe that looks don’t matter in the dating department, but they definitely do. If girls don’t find your looks acceptable, then you won’t have a chance with them. It’s as simple as that.

Fortunately, you can improve how you look with ease. All you have to do is put some effort and thought into the process.

Looking good is the key to a successful approach.
Women like men who dress well. Find a fashion style that suits you best.

So, get out there and look for a style that suits you to a tee.

If you can’t find one, then rest easy knowing that suits always get positive results for guys, no matter what.

If you really have no idea how fashion works, then try looking to other fashionable men for inspiration, ask sales people to help you out or use fashion as a conversation starter whenever you approach a pretty girl.

Another easy way to get better at approaching a girl that you like is to look for guys who are already successful with girls and asking them questions for more information. (Find out what works for them and what they do in order to get the results that they want.)

The trick here would be finding nice guys who succeed in the dating game, get the results that they want and are willing to share their inside information with you.

You can either ask random guys at a bar what they do, or ask your friends for help. You can also turn to real experts who live their lives seducing women left, right and center!

Regardless of where you decide to look for a coach and whether you pay for the information that you get or not, it would really help to get mentors (someone like Derek Rake) in order to truly succeed in approaching the girls that you like. If you know these fundamentals of dating, you’ll never go wrong.

After all, you can be guided into learning the most effective ways to master the art of approaching girls with them….


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