The Brightest Ray of Light in Avant-Garde High Fashion: Rei Kawakubo Story

The world of fashion has always been a creative hotbed for sartorial geniuses to inject their stylistic visions and ultimately influence the way people dress. But for every designer who can churn out garments and make a living out of their work, only a select few can truly call themselves as authentic innovators who possess the superhuman power to change the very direction of fashion beyond its commercial purposes. There was Coco Chanel with her creation of the little black dress; there was Christian Dior with his invention of the feminine New Look silhouette; there was Yves Saint Laurent who gave effortlessly chic tuxedo suiting for women; there was Alexander McQueen with his deeply subsersive yet utterly enthralling clothes that bridged art and fashion. Now, there is Rei Kawakubo and her relentlessly avant-garde aesthetic that has revolutionized high fashion forever.

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