How To Dress For A Dinner Party

Formal dinner parties

Black tie dinner parties
If you are invited to a black tie dinner party, this is the time to don your most sophisticated apparel. You’ll need to wear a tuxedo with a black bow tie, a white tuxedo shirt, black socks (or bright red if you are a bit of a peacock) and well-polished black shoes.

Black tie optional
If the invitation says “black tie optional” then you can trade the tuxedo for a business suit in a dark color, preferably black. Choose a crisp cotton dress shirt in a solid color – white, blue or pink is best – and wear polished leather shoes in black (or dark brown if you are not wearing a black suit). A vest or a bright silk pocket square will give you extra poise and add a splash of personality to your outfit.

Dinner with friends
Even if you’re attending dinner with friends, sometimes you will still need to arrive smartly dressed. For a formal but relaxed look, try a crease-free pair of dark wool suit pants, a cotton dress shirt with a silk tie, and a good pair of leather shoes.
What not to wear
Dressing well for a formal dinner party is a sign of courtesy to your host, and you’ll feel like the odd man out if you’re under-dressed. The simplest way to adhere to the dress code (especially if it isn’t clear) is by avoiding jeans, cords, chinos, t-shirts and polos. And don’t even think about shorts or a tank top.
Casual dinner parties
At a low-key dinner party you can wear a more relaxed outfit. Cords, chinos or cotton pants in a light color are all appropriate and will pair rather nicely with a denim washed Oxford shirt. If it’s chilly, you can add a crew neck or V-neck merino sweater, and a cord or cotton jacket. Finish off your outfit with leather Derby shoes or brogues with a splash of color
For a very casual get-together, wearing a polo or rugby shirt with dark wash jeans shouldn’t raise any eyebrows. You could also wear boat shoes or trainers if the gathering is particularly informal.
Casual dinner parties
Dinner with the boss

Formal business dinner
When it comes to dinner with your boss, clients or co-workers, opt for a look that’s as business-like as the conversation will be. A two-piece or three-piece sharkskin suit fits the bill very nicely, especially paired with a clean white shirt and a vibrant silk tie. For a splash of color, add a pocket square in magenta or peacock blue.

Informal business dinner
If you’re attending a business dinner at an informal restaurant, you can wear clean pressed cotton chinos, a button-down collared shirt in a pale color, and leather shoes or boat shoes. Make sure you stick to neutral colors and avoid bright shades or busy prints; otherwise you’ll just distract everyone from appreciating your scintillating business chat.


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