What Exactly Is Dress Shirt? How Do I Buy Dress Shirt?

So what exactly is a dress shirt?

Well, to start with it has a collar, buttons, and long sleeves.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Depending on how formal you want to get, dress shirts have different sorts of collars and cuffs that range from casual to super formal.

man wearing green shirt

Fifty years ago the dress shirt was more of an undergarment. It usually only came in white and was hardly ever seen without a jacket or a coat.  As time passed and style trends changed, the dress shirt became more than just an undergarment. It became a stand-alone fashion piece.That is  why it is today available in so many colors, patterns.

Back in the olden days very few men had what we call “white collar jobs”. Most men had jobs that involved manual labor and getting their hands dirty. Having clean white cuffs on a shirt was a status symbol that meant you were above dirty manual labor. It meant you had a job with status.

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blue dress shirt

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