Educate Yourself Before Looking For A Tailor

Before you talk with a tailor or seamstress, you need to have a foundation in the basics of men’s style.

The hardest thing for most men to do is to find a few hours to sit down and read about suits, shirts, and other menswear; however most men find once they start reading the material they become enthralled.

Reading about the intricacies of quality menswear you start noticing men’s clothing details you never saw before.

You begin to pay attention to the fit of suit jackets, working sleeve buttonholes, and the break on a pair of trousers.

Stepping into the world of menswear, you’ll realize just how important your clothing is in sending messages about who you are.

Most people you pass by everyday know you only by the clothing you wear

Your appearance is the only way they can make any sense of who you are and what you do in this world.

The suit, shirt, and tie combination you put on in the morning covers 90% of your body.

Before you open your mouth, this garment combination and the way it fits on your body announces who you are and signals to others whether or not you deserve attention.

To build a solid foundation in the basics of men’s style, I recommend reading any book by Alan Flusser, Nicholas Antongiavanni’s “The Suit”, or Bernhard Roetzel’s “Gentleman” and spending time in A Tailored Suit’s Style Guide.

Once you have a foundation, you should then seek clarification and interact with knowledgeable people at places like Style Forum, an online community of men’s clothing enthusiasts.

When you find you can speak the tongue of custom menswear, you are ready to start interviewing tailors.

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