Fashion A Lifestyle

Fashion is not just a way of dressing, it’s a lifestyle.

Fashion is not limited to clothes, shoes, bags anymore because when you follow someone who inspires you, you are not only looking at OOTD (outfit of the day) but also where they eat, where they go on vacation, the kind of music they listen to “it’s a lifestyle”.


Lots of people think fashion is only important to the outside world and dress shabbily at home. Dressing at home is so important that it affects your subordinates most times. A good outfit refresh the atmosphere. For married couple, a man would rather love to see his wife in the apparel he ones met her or better because, men are moved by what they see. Most women drop their standard when they get married and this man give the man a second choice.


4f39bf7556d91c93a41caea84a0c2511Like the way it’s been said “dress the way you want to be address”. Your income does not have to affect your outlook, instead dress to attract more income. Executive would rather love to work or take alongside to meeting someone that is presentable. Have a basic knowledge of your organization and present yourself to its standard.


f14a6f8fe67e240b9f4147439973cb52You are not the only one attending the event but what differentiate you is your outlook. The respect given to you in the event is determined by the way you carry yourself. People will love to be identified with you if you look presentable.


3057936-poster-p-1-most-innovative-companiesyour-instagram-feed-may-soon-be-tailored-to-your-interestsSocial media channels has made it easy for people to access and view one’s outfit. You can post a picture of yours and people can easily go on to comment on it through different social media platforms like Facebook Twitter, Instagram amongst many and this can serve as an inspiration for many.

Fashion is now a part of a whole lifestyle and that makes it even more fascinating, less dictatorial and more inspirational.


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