Fashion Complementing Beauty

Every time you turn around, it seems like she’s extolling the virtues of compliments. This build confidence in you! Still, doling out compliments can feel daunting. How do you weigh your look? Where do you start? Who are looking at you? What do they say?

Well in my opinion, you should:
Assume everyone will be a willing say something about you

Who is looking back twice at you?

What do they say about you outfit?
What will they say genuinely?

  • Your hairdo is gorgeous!
  • I love your shoes
  • What a great outfit
  • Your cologne smell nice
  • Your handbag compliment your dress
  • I’m just sitting over here coveting your shoes. Don’t mind me.
  • That dress is phenomenal
  • What a superb hat! And you wear it so well.
  • I have to ask: Where did you get that amazing coat?
  • I’m seriously considering stealing that scarf right off you…

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