Fashion Trends In 2017

It’S no news that the fashion industry loves talking about trends whether the retro fashion trends or the futuristic. While this may have a way of affecting our sartorial focus, the fact remains that the New Year always comes with a lot of trend prediction and this year is no different as we intend looking at trends that might likely shape the fashion year.

The fashion trends of last year have been clearly established. From the runway to the red carpet, inspired fashionistas in Nigeria rocked each seasonís hottest trends with gusto. So what will we actually want to wear this year? As always, the Lagos Fashion Week and the end of New York Fashion Week brings with them the inevitable forecasting of next yearís biggest fashion trends and this year is no different.

Several designers showed pretty, edgy, groundbreaking, inspiring and totally wearable looks that we canít wait to get our hands on. While itís still too early to tell which styles the masses will take to, there were a handful of strong recurring looks that emerged with a vengeance from the high fashion of 2016 runways.

A few holdovers from last year such as layers, florals, off-the-shoulder styles, sneakers, chokers, excessive ruffles, velvet, lace, net, shimmery wears and voluminous sleeves will continue to make great waves this year. If trends are your thing, it would be a wise decision to cop some of these trendy pieces ahead of the fashion year.

Pink Passion
The seasonís most unlikely wardrobe staple will be outfits in pink. Dresses in brilliant shades of fuchsia, strawberry, rose, and bubble gum will flood the runways and red carpet. Prepare yourself as pink is making a comeback in 2017. This is surprising given that Pantone says that cherry green is the colour of the year.

Slogan tees
T-shirts with slogans is the latest casual trending styles. Whether political or otherwise, slogan tees came into a new prominence this season. Activism will make an appearance in fashion this year as logos, emojis and embellishments will be featured on tees.

Several brows were certainly raised at last yearís Lagos Fashion Week when bathrobes and pajamas were spotted prominently. Alas, it is now looking like a ëthing,í so you might want to brace yourself, as it just might become a fad this year.

Sheer power
Get ready to bare it all or almost all at least. Sheer, pretty chiffon layers are in, in a big way; just make sure you invest in some cute underpinnings to go with them.

One Shoulder
You didnít think the cold shoulder was going anywhere, did you? The 2017 fashion trends have an answer to this off-the shoulder phenomenon: the one-shoulder top or dress. Asymmetry is on trend, and there is nothing sexier than showing one shoulder. Statement sleeves and power shoulders are also in vogue

Vibrant Stripes
Youíll find stripes in several shows every season, but we canít remember the last time they were this bright and bold. They will come in all shades of the rainbow this season, including primary-hued stripes

Velvet reloaded
Very popular with the Aso Ebi scene a couple years back, this 80ís texture has found its way back to the scene and we are sure to see a whole lot of it in different designs and colours.

Flared trousers
Wide-legged bottoms are making a comeback. While skinny cuts arenít necessarily obsolete yet, designers are bringing back flared trousers from the early 2000s and the mid- í70s. Beige pants and khaki will be more in style than skinny denim this year as well, so stock your wardrobes.

Colored Suits
For men in particular, colored suits will be a big deal this year.


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