Reason Behind The Smile

Can you imagine? She asked her friend. What? He bought me a wristwatch. Don’t tell me that’s why you are smiling. Babe, it’s worth more than a smile.

Chineye has been in a relationship, yet her boyfriend has never given her a gift for once. On her birthday, just like every lady’s expectation for her man to call, take out, celebrate and all. In her case, she just got a call, and it looks like the whole day is going without his physical presence. Funny enough there’s a surprise party organised by her friends.


She got home from work and to her surprise, her mum with other friends of hers are home waiting. Happy birthday they all shouted. They sang for her and in her mind there’s something missing, Tunde is not around.

The party commenced and there was no picture of him around the vicinity. There’s this part of her not feeling comfortable despite all surprises and celebration. The party came to close, she went to a corner crying, then her friend came to meet her…


Why are you crying she asked? Can’t you see he’s not around? I understand, her friend keep consoling her and tell her stories to make her at least forget the scenario.


Here he comes, Tunde approaching. I am so sorry he said, he went straight to her appealing to her while her friend left them for privacy. He appeal to her, he has with him a gift for her.bobo-bird-new-brand-bamboo-wooden-women-s-luxury-leather-band-watches-font-b-female-b This is not a bribe for coming late ooo, she said. Finally he has to leave. Her friend came back and saw her smiling, I thought you are going to tear him apart when you see him. She replied no I can’t do that, he came with the antidote. It’s a wristwatch, she told her friend. She slept happy that night.


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