Simple Wisdom For Women Aspiring Greatness

A Great Woman Has Secrets
You can’t be too naked with your love, social or spiritual life and expect dignity. Not everyone should know what you are  going through.
Be self-contained lady!

A Great Woman Has Surprises
There is beauty in a surprise.
Don’t run around announcing things that are not yet….
It only destroys their beauty.
And when they fail you will suffer unnecessary shame.
Be self-controlled lady!

A Great Woman Is Unpredictable
People should know there is both yes and no in your mouth.
Your moves and words shouldn’t be too obvious.  
Be deep lady!

A Great Woman Has A Few But Meaningful Connections

You can’t be a friend to everyone and have focus.
You can’t be the organiser in every social activity  and be a productive woman.
Love all but a friend of few!

A Great Woman Does Less Of Girls Talk
You can’t have too much talk and work at the same time. Cheap talks only lead to empty gossips!
A gossiping woman is a shallow woman. Talk less lady!

A Great Woman Has Time For Herself

You can’t understand yourself better until you create time for yourself.
Create time to see your weaknesses and work on them. Have time for self correction lady!

A Great Woman Interacts With God
You cannot have the highest level of wisdom until you interact with its source.  
Rare breeds of women are found here

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