T-shirt and Blazer, Sweatshirt and Shirt For Men

If there was a book on ‘how to dress smart’ (which there probably is, actually) then one of the basic outfits would be a shirt and blazer combination. It’s just standard – everyone’s worn it. However, swapping out your shirt for a T-shirt can provide you with a look that’s a little less restrictive, yet still elegant.

First off, choose a good T-shirt. This means choosing one that’s preferably 100% cotton so you’re working with a breathable, sturdy, yet comfortable material. It also means making sure it will fit you perfectly and last a lot longer than a cheaper option.

Anything too loose will look messy, anything too tight will look awkward, anything too colourful will look casual, and anything stained will just look like you don’t know how to dress yourself. A well-fitted white T-shirt is perfect, and we’ve got a whole load in store.

white t-shirt and blazer men look

Sweatshirt and Shirt

It’s not that uncommon for a person to throw a nicely made, neutral coloured jumper over a dress shirt when they’re dressing smart. Everyone needs to be warm, and the combination is still pretty sharp. Sweatshirts, on the other hand, tend to be items reserved for more casual looks, which is exactly why we’d suggest matching one with a crisp Oxford shirt.

The jersey material will help to soften the clean-cut look while staying in keeping with the formal vibe. Basically, it’ll look different enough than the jumper and shirt without looking out of place. It will also be that little bit more comfortable to wear.


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