Traditional Clothing For Today’s People

Most modern Africans wear Western-styled pant suits, shirts, dresses and shoes. Others continue to combine the old with the new, wearing traditional clothing, along with Western styles. Women’s kaftans and men’s boubous, are full-length embroidered robes. These kaftans, which today are mainly worn by African women, were originally only worn by West African men. Made from cotton or silk, kaftans sometimes button down the front. They are also the traditional female clothing of many countries in West Africa such as Mali, Senegal and Ghana.

At Africa Imports we strive to offer a collection of traditional and contemporary African clothing. The history of African fashions roots and how it has changed over time is also interesting. The greatest impact on clothing began in the 20th century as a result of trading with Western countries. Originally, Europeans and Arabs influenced African clothing, especially in the northern regions. The influence of the Arabian culture continues to be seen in the designs, embroideries, and long robes worn by some Africans in their daily lives.

African Clothes for Women

This wide selection of women’s clothing includes many different fashion styles from the very modern to more traditional attire. Those looking for African fashion dresses and kaftans will find them in our Dresses & Skirts section, where you can also find more formal clothing like our Brocade Pleated Skirt Sets.

Pant suits are a great way to make a traditional statement in modern clothing. George fabric, developed in India, but adopted by African royalty in many countries make it easy to show your African Spirit. Our George Pant Set is an always popular blend of old and new.

African Clothes for Men

In our men’s section you will find all our boubous as well as pant sets (including kufis!) in rayon, cotton or brocade. We also have a great line of embroidered, print and traditional dashikis

African Wedding Dresses

When used for an African wedding, a kaftan is typically worn with a headscarf or head tie. The bride most often chooses a kaftan that is the same color as the groom’s dashiki. The traditional color for West African weddings is white. If you’re going for a more non-traditional wedding color, the most popular color is purple or lavender, the color of African royalty. Blue, the color of love, is also a common non-traditional color.

Open an African clothing store!

For business owners, having a variety of wholesale African clothing is normally the best way to increase your sales and to keep your customers coming back for the newest styles. There are new items constantly here, so you never run out of new possibilities. Africa Imports carries a large selection of kaftans, skirts, blouses, pants, and other seasonal clothing all year round. You can find anything that you want by clicking the links above.


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